Solu is a platform for photographers and artists to bring their Wildlife Photography to the market. The photography marketplace connects Scottish artists to buyers who want to invest in the finest quality Art and Wildlife Photography in Scotland. Solu specialises in Scottish Artists and provides Limited-Edition Prints and is based in Glasgow. 


Every photograph and artwork is carefully selected to ensure we bring the highest quality and most unique pieces to our valued customers. Everything on this platform is Limited-Edition, exclusive to Solu and is signed by the artist, marked with our authenticity label and accompanied by a certificate.  


Solu offers framing services to accompany the Limited-Edition Prints. There are standard framing options or if something more specific and unique is required, we can offer a bespoke framing option through our Contact Us form. 


We work with local Scottish Artists, local Scottish Photographers and talented Framers across the country and guarantee the exclusivity and uniqueness of every product.


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